Math Knowledge Competition

The Math Knowledge competition is sponsored by the Mississippi Valley Gifted and Talented Network. This program, designed specifically for students like those in Hillsboro who excel in mathematics, pits talented individuals and teams against each other in a challenging test of problem-solving skills.

To qualify for the Hillsboro team, students faced a 30-minute timed test, including story problems demanding both accuracy and creative thinking. Only those who emerged with the highest scores earned the right to represent their school at the competition.

This year's Math Knowledge contest took place at Sparta's Meadowview Middle School, where Hillsboro faced off against 12 other talented teams. The competition featured both individual and team challenges, requiring students to not only showcase their mathematical prowess but also collaborate effectively and strategize as a unit.

The Hillsboro 5th-grade team, composed of Abby Prechel, Wyatt Lockington, Aaron McCollam, and Mason McCauley, proved their proficiency on the competition stage. Their combined efforts earned them a tie for the 4th highest score out of the 13 teams competing, a testament to their dedication and problem-solving skills. Westin Conley, serving as the team's alternate, provided support and was prepared to step in if needed.

The Math Knowledge competition is more than just a test of mathematical ability; it's an opportunity for gifted students to connect with like-minded peers, challenge themselves, and develop critical thinking skills that will benefit them throughout their academic journeys and beyond. Congratulations to the team and their shining example of the exceptional talent within our walls.