Freckle All Stars

A new crop of Freckle All Stars were recognized for achieving the highest level of math accuracy during assessments for the week of January 22nd.

These middle school and high school students hit their learning targets with precision and purpose, garnering congratulations from their teachers, and a photo op with Lansbury, the Freckle Pig.

Freckle isn't just a fun way for kids to learn math; it acts as a powerful ally for our dedicated math instructors. By tailoring learning to individual needs, Freckle provides a personalized curriculum and adaptive assessments that complement daily classroom instruction. This means our instructors can focus on areas where individual students need the most support, ensuring everyone receives the targeted help they need to succeed.

Freckle's detailed reports allow interventionists insights into students' strengths and weaknesses, helping them pinpoint areas for improvement, and build student confidence across subjects.

Congratulations to David Johnson (10), Andrew Hora (9), Elijah Marrufo (8), Laudy Schulz (7), and Dustin Haun (6) on their outstanding work!